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About Us

AL DIYAFA TAILORING CO. LLC story began in 1992, when an enterprising UAE national, Mr. Mahmood Abdulrahim Abdulqader, opened the first shop in up market Satwa, in Dubai. The Honourable Minister of Indusrty Mr. Ahmed Al Tayer formally opened the outlet, in the presence of leading UAE businessmen. Since then the venture had blossomed out to become one of the leading firm in the field and shifted its factory to Al Quoz industrial area.

Our Promise

Al Diyafa Tailoring Co. LLC is well equipped to undertake quality job in a limited timeframe to the satisfaction of clients.

Managment Team

The organisation draws its strength from a management team that has its two partners leading the marketing and production teams. A factory manager with over 28 years as manager in India leads the pack of staff at the factory, drawn from different nationalities. Between them, they vie each other to bring out the best products out of the factory.


The Feel Of Comfortable

What Makes Us Click

Blend of professionalism and experience spanning 25 years! In the UAE. Well-trained team breathes in fresh and informal work environment. The policy has always been to claim what you can do, and do beyond that claim. State-of- art machineries provide precision and quality. And a team that puts in between themselves an average experience of 35 years, is spirited and motivated.

Bewitching Clintele

The rich and reputed clientele reads like those who of the corporate world. That ranges from the corporate giants like Unilever, to Emirates Airlines. The fact that the ace hospitality business in the UAE, Abu Dhabi National Hotels Company, counts us as the most reliable partners for over couple of decades, is testimony to our consistency in delivering quality.

Our Specialties

Uniforms of All Forms - If you bump into an airline crew or a high-profile executive at a five star-hotel, or miss a beat or two at the perfect fit-in of their attire, well, you perhaps could be staring at fabrics stitched at Al Diyafa. If this sounds overstating the case, admittedly the exaggeration is justified. The factory at Al Quos Industrial area in Dubai is exclusively devoted to uniforms. Be it the cover-all, trousers or the T-shirts or the tie. The embroidery works too are neatly executed here.

Industrial Uniforms

Tailored to endure the harsh and demanding conditions of a work site.

Corporate Uniforms

Tailored to make doing your job easier, and ensure you look the best while doing it.

Hospitality Uniforms

Tailored to stay cool even when things get hot.


Tailored to work as hard as you do with protection, durability and comfort on mind.

Health care Uniforms

Tailored with touch of love to promote trust and enhance credibility.

Retail Uniforms

Tailored to keep your employees warm and do your image proud.

Sports Uniform

Tailored to keep you proud and energized all day.

Security Uniforms

Tailored to feel confident, comfortable and in command every day.

Doctor Coats, Lab Coats, Official Uniforms, Cafe & Resturant Uniforms, Maids Uniforms, Drivers' Uniforms, Mechanic's Uniforms, Specilised Uniforms, Theme Dresses, Screen Printing ,Embroidered Uniform, Ethnic Dresses, Caps, T-Shirts , etc. We also provide accessories such as boots, shirts, suspenders, bow-ties, cummerbunds as well as custom buttons, insignia and crests.

For more information, click the button below. Our sales team will meet with you at your location and collect your requirements in order to craft the best product that reflects your business brand and company image.

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Our Vision

To be the largest uniform manufacturers providing exclusive stylish designs without compromising on Quality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high performance and distinctive uniforms to professional bodies of work that require exclusive uniforms and ultimate quality with marketing precision maintaining cost effectivenes.

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Our Works

Every single work by AL DIYAFA UNIFROMS is guaranteed for quality and we assure customer satisfaction. International quality standards are followed to assure that our customers get full value for their money.

In-house manufacturing

The traditional fashion industry is constantly in pursuit of higher profit margins, conveniently forgetting about core social values such as worker compensation and working conditions. The people who work for us are well compensated and treated with respect. Wear your custom tailored garments with pride. Proud craftsmen have made them for you.

Perfect fit guarantee

To wear clothes with a perfect fit is a confidence boost everyone should experience. If you are not satisfied with the fit of your garment we will adjust the fit and replace it for free. No returns needed.

Our fabrics

We offers a wide variety of high quality fabrics for our custom tailored garments. Everything is carefully selected to offer you fantastic clothes at unbelievable prices. We offer many different categories, from luxury business fabrics to comfortable casual varieties. What's your favourite? Let us know.

Our Clients

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Our sales team will meet with you and collect your business requirements in order to craft the best product that reflects your business brand and company image. Once the requirements are set, our team of technical experts will put together the best design for your desired image. The production will take place in-house by our wide range of experienced tailors and we will deliver the products to your door as we have the capability to cover the entire country.

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